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Central Locking??

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javis69 | 15:46 Mon 22nd Jan 2007 | Motoring
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I have a 1982 Toyota Corolla DX and I was wondering if i could get central Locking For It Like the modern Cars...
Im Not talking about the Remote keyless Entry ...but just Central Locking ...
If Central Locking is Possible for old cars ..How Exactly and Wats the estimate it might Cost??


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Yes you can more than likely fit it, kits are under �50
however its quite time consuming - i think paying someone to do it for you would be out of the question

it involves fitting solenoids in the doors(little pull/push devices) - so involves removing door trim. Most cars without C/L have no wires going into the doors so you may need to drill holes to connect the doors to the car and use some sort of rubber cable protector
then wire it all up
However it will work on a remote control - not by opening the drivers door - i think most kits will be like that

Heres a kit from Maplin for �21.99 2303&criteria=central%20locking&doy=22m1
I saw some universal conversion kits on ebay recently for old cars, they were quite cheap at somewhere under �100 they included an alarm and remote, and motors for the door locking mechanisms.
in addition to my last comment - it seems the product in the link above does actually work via the drivers door key rather as remote control - however you could add a remote control to the above kit if desired

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Central Locking??

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