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Poorly Honda - any ideas what is wrong with him?

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sunsocks | 12:05 Mon 02nd Jul 2007 | Motoring
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My Honda has sort of packed up - started last Thursday when suddenly the electric windows, sunroof and wing mirrors stopped working. Got it booked in at the garage for today. Then on Saturday (in that dreadful downpour) I drove it to B&Q about 15 miles away. When I came out of the shop it wouldnt start (thought battery may be flat) so jump started it off someone elses car. Then I thought that the wipers were running quite slowly. After another couple of miles the car didn't respond properly when I accelerated. After a few more miles it started missing and 'kangarooing' down the road and it felt as if I was towing another vehicle. Finally got to my destination with the car really struggling and it just packed up on the drive. Mechanic has now taken it away - has anyone any ideas what may be wrong with it?


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it sounds like the alternator is not charging the battery, hence all the electrics stop working properly

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Poorly Honda - any ideas what is wrong with him?

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