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Toyota Yaris - Turbo Charge Removed

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catlavender | 12:09 Fri 24th Aug 2007 | Motoring
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I'm in the process of buying a Toyota Yaris GLS D-4D (1.4 Diesel) through a private sale.

The car went for its MOT yesterday and the mechanic discovered that the turbo charge has been removed. He said this will make the car slower but it shouldn't matter too much as it's only a 1.4

However I've spoken to some other mechanics and a man at Toyota who've said leave well alone.

Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of this? What would you do?

Many thanks.


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It's a 52 plate and I'm buying it for �3000 (or not as the case may be!) so it is cheaper but at the moment I'm seriously put off by what people have said.

Apparently they are sometimes removed because they can be expensive to repair if they break but I'm also told that they rarely break so it beats me why it's been done too!

Thanks for your answer.
zacsmaster is right!

Save your money and dont buy it. Alarm bells are ringing!

Yaris' area good buy depending on how it has been looked after - thus why they are so popular.

Keep looking
the words" run" and "a mile "spring to mind! walk away very fast and dont look back , ! ps what is the mechy doing even working on it ,it sounds like a ringer to me!

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Toyota Yaris - Turbo Charge Removed

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