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Speed Cameras on Variable Speed Limits

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Panic Button | 15:12 Wed 19th Dec 2007 | Motoring
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There are variable speed limits on the M25 and M42, with more to come.

When they are not operational, wouyld the speed cameras in the gantries flash at cars exceeding 70 by a significant amount.

(Interest only to me, I can't get my truck over 56, and even in my car I don't go fast enough to ever get speeding tickets).


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If you look back, some of the gantries don't have cameras, but some do. I see them flashing at vehicles on the opposite carriageway.

If it came out that no one ever got done it would destroy the variable speed limit control.
I know of people who have been done for 40+ on the M25, but haven't heard of anyone being done for 70+, so I don't know! (Not a lot of help, sorry!)
Question Author
Perhaps no one goes through at 80+, just in case.

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Speed Cameras on Variable Speed Limits

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