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how much will it cost

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kujawski | 00:20 Sat 26th Apr 2008 | Motoring
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i have a choice of 2 cars

a toyota starlet 1.2 and a toyota starlet 1.3 , i have to travel 11.254 miles, which one would be best and cheapest in petrol terms

ps: this is a piiiss take question


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and would i be better wearing slippers or trainers?
would it make any difference

problem is i only havae 1.17 pence for the journey. will that be enough?
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Slipers would be best, they would improve your mpg as the are not as heavy as trainers, whilst your at it, it would be best to be naked and have a good poo, all these would reduce weight making your car more economical.
*Herbert!!!!! Awwwwww.....
what colour are they?

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how much will it cost

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