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Quick answer needed! Window stuck open!

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wiggal | 18:39 Sun 22nd Feb 2009 | Motoring
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Hi All,

The drivers window in my car (megane 2 ltr 06 reg) is stuck open!

My partner drove it to my mums earlier, and later on I was outside and saw that the window was open. It was closed when we left the car, as when you double lock it, all open windows automatically close.

It wont close, my stepdad and prtner are out at the minute working on it, but cant get the door panel off to do it manually. Really need to find out the problem, as there is no way we can drive home and leave the car outside with the window open in the area that we live in!



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contact AA or RAC?
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Hi, there is a safety feature on some models that stops children getting trapped when the Elec window closes, put your key in the Ign turn on then push the offending window button, let us all know the result for further help.
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Thanks for your answers!

We tried many things, switching the car on, opening and closing all windows, fuses, everything! But nothing worked.

So my partner and stepdad had to battle to take the door panel off, manually put the window up and then put the door back together! It looks like the motor for opening the window has completely ceased up and died a death!

Just to let you know, never try and take the door panel off the car I have, as they were out there over 2 hours, and my car was putting up a pretty good fight!

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Quick answer needed! Window stuck open!

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