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how much petrol would my journey cost

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farrahpants | 10:32 Thu 21st May 2009 | Motoring
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I travel to Newcastle from Manchester tomorrow at 3pm and want to know if the train is a cheaper option than driving. Its a toyota aygo 1litre, with myself and partner and only 2 holdalls of luggage. The journey is roughly 148 miles. Anyone with answers pls??


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The MPG should be listed in the hand book in the glove box.
The car is goiong to be cheaper, even if there was only one person. With two people the car is so much cheaper there is no contest.
The time of day is irrelevent. It won't make any difference to the price of petrol, or how much you use.
The time of day makes a huge difference to the cost of train tickets though.
farrahpants would look for the cheapest train tickets and maybe go earlier. She seems a thrifty sort of person.
I would say it will cost you about �30.

My 989cc costs just over �5 per 50 miles so I would say about �30 to be on the safe side.
�30 in petrol obviously
You are what?? On a Frid LOL no I am not being nasty the traffic will be bad for a start depending what part of Man you are heading from, so take into account you hold ups etc.
Dina - The time of day is important as TWR says hold ups etc.

Its Friday on a Bank holiday weekend leaving one city to go to another.

However if I can use Angels figures even if it �40 its got to be cheaper. Hasn't it.

�20 each will probbaly get you as far as Gateshead on a train :-)
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Yes if my car does 50 miles on a fiver then for 148 miles it would only be �15 petrol. I am being over cautious with my figure, but like someone else said with the hold ups that will cost a bit more fuel and also extra weight in the car.

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how much petrol would my journey cost

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