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court summons on driving licence and insurance

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top_driver | 02:37 Mon 04th Jan 2010 | Motoring
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I was stopped in november and was asked for my driving licence and insurance, i didn't have my insurance document because the car i was using wasn't myne, and did not have my driving licence with me, and to say the least the 2nd gard (police) knew me, and that i was a full licence driver with insurance on my own car
i was not asked to provide insurance, but now i have 4 summonses for no insurance, not providing, not providing in 10 days and no driving licence....

it seems the gard just has a grudge, whats the best way to figh this, if it goes to court?


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Produce the insurance and your driving license at court and you should just get a small fine for failing to produce. If you cant produce then you will get done for the lot and probably get a ban
With the greatest of respect, if I were in your position the very last thing I'd be doing would be posting in here...

What does your solicitor advise...?
In England if you are stopped and asked to produce you have 7 days to do it in.

They could easily check who you are but they don''s down to you to produce your documents. It's not their job to research you.

No didn't produce so you have a court summons for failing to do that. Get it sorted ASAP or you'll have a nice fine to along with any points...
Question Author
i don't have a solicitor, yet,. the thing is i have been bringing in my insurance certificate in to the station pretty much every week through out the year, there has to be some kind of rule on that,
even though i was not asked to produce anything at a chosen station this time
> I don't have a solicitor yet...

??? I just can't understand that at all.

Do yourself a HUGE favour and sort out legal representation tomorrow morning. Take the day off work if you have to...
Question Author
i will do that first thing, court is due for march, how do i go about getting a solicitor, and is it costly
Why have you been bringing your insurance cert in every week?
Go along to your local Citizen's Advice Bureau, explain the situation and ask them to put you in touch with a local solicitor. Unless you are fabulously wealthy, you will get Legal Aid.

I'm also wondering why you've been taking your insurance certificate in to a police station every week...
Question Author
i always get followed and stopped for no reason and asked to bring my insurance cert to a station of my choice
Are you insured to drive the other car?
Question Author
will do that, local solicitor it is..
Why do you always get followed?
Question Author
i'd guess the car i have, and maybe the gards don't believe or hope i don't have insurance for it
Change your car then. Is it really worth this??
Question Author
i cudn't be changing it, it's a really nice car, and iv put thousands into it to have it running perfect, i just have to keep all my documents in the car from now on
For heaven's sake, don't keep your actual documents in the car!!! Keep photocopies if you absolutely have to.

If your car is as good as you say it is, it must have a very strong chance of being stolen... And then all of your documents will be stolen along with it...

Come on! Think!
You're not my daughters BF are you??
Question Author
no, i'm single, haha
Where are you in Ireland?
Question Author
wicklow-dublin boarder

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court summons on driving licence and insurance

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