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open windows with remote

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mat1912 | 22:31 Wed 21st Apr 2010 | Motoring
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does anybody know if and how you open windows with the remote on a 2000 ford focus and a 2009 mazda 2 ?


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You could try holding down the unlocking button on remote for a few seconds after the doors have unlocked.
i dont think you can open the windows via the remote
however some systems will automatically close the windows when you are locking the vehicle
dont think theres any Ford that has this option, after market alarm kits such as Harry Moss etc. have an interface which does this or at least closes the windows when arming
my ford cmax 03 has this option.

hold down the unlock button when unlocking car and all windows will open.
Hold down locking button when leaving car and car will lock and all windows will close
out of interest why would you want to ?
out of interest why weould you want to ??
well if youve accidentally left a window open and youve already got out of car with the kids etc, its easier than getting back in and turning ignition on to close them

and you can open the car and windows on a hot day before having to get in and start car
i can understand the closing bit . makes sense, not sure about the opening
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my mates 02 reg mondeo and mates 04 vectra does, just a novelty thing and curious !
i stand corrected, still cant see the sense in opening though, been driving for years & worked in the motor trade forever , i drive vehicles of all levels, £100 to £150,000 + and not once have i ever felt the need to open windows by remote !!
i have only ever done it in circumstances i gave above.

2 tired and hot kids, a sunny day. Need to load boot of car and the car is like a sauna. Unlock car and windows, fill boot and allow heat in car to lower a bit before getting in.

Putting kids straight into a hot car to sit in such heat as i loaded the boot would be cruel and in small parking spaces its not possible to open all the car doors wide enough to cool it down that fast.

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open windows with remote

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