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chas2008 | 10:49 Thu 17th Jun 2010 | Motoring
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has the highway code changed or is it me ? i was always taught approaching a roundabout on a dual carraige way n/s lane is for turning left or straight on, o/s(rh) lane for straight on or right turn. I have lost count the number of times i have been turning right and as i have been approaching my exit ive looked in the n/s mirror to find some tw*t coming up the inside of me whos shadowed me round the roundabout who i have then had to avoid to complete the turn.
Or if im turning right onto another dual carraigeway as i try to pull over to the n/s lane after turning theres some tool up my n/side preventing me from moving over and forcing me to stay in the outside lane.


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In the first case I have sympathy.

Less so in the second - there are (presumably) two lanes round the roundabout. To maximise traffic flow both need to be used. So you stay in lane - and don't change lanes until it is safe to do so. If you cut across from the outside to the inside as you leave the roundabout you are effectively denying use of that inside lane and reducing road capacity. You are grabbing both lanes for your own use.
One of my greatest bugbears chas2208. We have a notorious roundabout on my way home from work that I have to go on everyday, and you can bet your bottom dollar than some Ar***ole will do just that!
Question Author
dzug, i can see what you are saying, but these clowns undertake when i am actually signaling and trying to move over,im also in a slow moving van so staying out in the outside lane would have a worse effect regarding traiffic flow.
icemaiden, feel sorry for me , i work in Milton Keynes !!
my roundabout bug-bear...
a roundabout on my way home.. two lanes approach it and if going straight on.. two lanes exit it. I tend to approach the junction and enter the roundabout from the right hand lane - however.. the number of times I have been carved up my some Snag who is next to me starts off in the left hand lane.. then goes round the roundabout in the right lane.. then exits the left lane... so they are basically driving in a straight line cutting across lanes rather than staying in their own lane...

I see it almost EVERY day... and its only a matter of time before someone actually hits me!
Question Author
Nosha, spend a couple of hours in MK, it seems to be normal practice, you tend to drive as if you expect everyone to do it.
I just back off if anyone is up my inside when approaching a roundabout, seems to be the older generation are very good at it.

Bye your self a Ferrari then it doesnt matter F*ing what lane your in ;-)
if 2 lanes go on and 2 lanes off if going straight ahead, do forget that people joining from the entry after may also be in either lane for continuing straight over from their side.

so you still need to be always watching the lanes anyway.

the roundabout i hate is in Suffolk. 3 lanes on (left only and 2 marked straight on) . The left goes stright off and there are only 2 lanes beyond that. i would say at least 50% of the times ive driven there someone has come up along side (turn left only) and then proceeded to go straight over.
If your worried about R,abouts have a look at this.
Question Author
dustypuss, theres a roundabout in Hemel Hempstead like your link, great fun if you dont know how to deal with it, a bit of everyone for themselves & pray..
I used to travel regularly with a person who habitually approached roundabouts in the outside lane when wanting to go straight ahead. Nothing wrong with that in practice. However, they also habitually pulled over to the nearside lane when exiting the roundabout. More often than not there would be another vehicle in the nearside lane who had approached in the nearside lane to go straight across. This would result in the blowing of horns etc. My driver would often say what's up with him/her? I would say well, you did cut him/her up. The annoying thing is it never made any difference. They probably still do it today as far as I know.
yes Redcrx... a valid point - and would normally apply - but this roundabout is adjoined from the left (my left) by a college.. so not a road as such.. and traffic is minimal!

I honestly cannot tell you how many times I have nearly come a cropper by someone swerving from left to right back to left again... and I'm there left with no tarmac to go on and slam by brakes on to avoid a collision...

thats exactly the situation I experience almost every day!!! only in reverse as they switch from left to right and left...
Its amazing they dont use their mirrors or even look! then give ME a look of incredualness (is that a word??) when I BEEP THEM!!!

I'm beeping them to warn them that I am right there and they are almost hitting me!!!
sorry chas but its you who is wrong on point 2...if you are in the rh lane on a RAB you are supposed to exit into the rh lane!
that is what there are 2 lane exits - check the highway code!

you cannot just signal and try to barge into another lane just because you want to, and expect other traffic to stop or move for you - you must stay in YOUR lane wait for a gap! you are cutting across lanes!

i am amazed that you think you can weave in an out of lanes on the exit of a roundabout!
There are too many on the road who totally ignore road markings,the approach to tinsley roundabout from meadowhall is clearly marked in the left lane with a big arrow indicating left turn only lane,middle for straight over and first right,and the amount of times someone has cut in front of me from the left turn only lane is unreal.
I cannot understand, either, what has happened to the rule that you give way to the right when entering a roundabout. Round here - and particularly on the housing estates - you can have 3 people at different entrances to the roundabout all dithering and going "on lord, there's a car over there, who goes first?" - derrrr.
We do have a different problem down here in that the rules are different in some parts of Europe, the big roundabout I encounter on my way home from work is home to lots of lorries who abide by their rule that traffic entering the roundabout has right of way, people actually on it have to wait.... we have seen plenty of squashed cars when people don't twig what's going on.
Question Author
'as i try to pull over to the n/s lane AFTER turning '

i DO exit on the right hand lane, the problem starts after that, trying to move into the nearside lane afterwards, even indicating ,and its obvious where i need to be on the road i still get undertaken and i certainly dont 'barge' anywhere.I sometimes drive new Mercs £100,000 + cars i certainly wont take any risks with those.
With a van its even more difficult to see whats occuring over your left shoulder, totaly relying on your mirrors.
To throw another scenario into it one roundabout i exit has a left turn(on a dual c/way) that i need to take 50-75 yards after the exit..(the 3rd exit) any suggestions ?
ah i what do you expect them to do ? move for you? stop for you? speed up out the way?

if you want to enter another the lane, YOU must wait until its clear - the people in that lane are not obliged to alter their behaviour one bit to let you in - they may do out of courtesy but only if they choose.

indicating is exactly that, an indication of your intentions - not an order for them to let you in!

they are also not undertaking you - i suggest you look up what that actually means - they are merely travelling faster than you - which is allowed!
There are just too many idiots on the road these days (but having said that, the council seem to take a delight is making changes and putting in markings to maximise the chance of an accident).

Just last night I had some idiot waiting for the lights to get on the roundabout in the lane to the left of me, clearly marked left turn only (i.e. off at 1st exit) who almost caused an accident by going straight on effectively trying to cut into my lane. Wonder if the fact it was a taxi cab had anything to do with it.

And best not to mention the moron the day before who charged past me, cut in, then started waving his hands about because I was there, and even suddenly stopped his car for a laugh ! Who passes these folk as fit to drive ? I'm just hoping it is a 2 day blip and not a warning of 'normal practice' from here on in.
On a roundabout you should not be undertaking, so the ability to move out when necessary should be always there. It is not the other persons' right to drive badly, amusing themselves by trapping you in the inside lane. So what one expects them to do is drive courteously and the issue doesn't arise.

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