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M25 overload

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rov1200 | 10:00 Wed 13th Oct 2010 | Motoring
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Should HGV's be consigned to just the inner lane? Except of course when it widens to 4 lanes.


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As a car driver I also say 'No'. The idiots staying in lane 2 when not overtaking should be though.
Perhaps during rush hours
well if they were forced to only use lane one they should be glad.. they'll get to their destination much faster as no-one else ever seems to use that lane!!!
As a regular user of the M25 I find that HGV's normally do stay in the inside lane except when overtaking slower vehicles or when in the interminable queues in this 'car park'.
Is it the case that got home late for your tea Rov1200? what a stupid bloody suggestion, can you name something in your possession that has not come by road? the Motorways where built to accommodate HGVs to keep them out of Towns, Cities, who the hell bought that heap of SHt you drive? a Bloody HGV, If HGVs are causing you inconvenience use a bloody A Road or pack up driving.
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I've noticed that when i have been driving in Germany there seems to be a severe restriction on HGVs using the autobahns at weekends, esp. Sundays. It might be worth trying on our motorways. providing of course that there were only 'advisory' speed restrictions, as on the autobahns.
Since lorry owners pay more road tax and the economy does kind of depend on them then perhaps cars should be restricted to the outer lane.
People have short memories! Lorry drivers strike? No food, No, fluids, Petrol, Derv, Bog rolls, Lorry drivers do it for a living, Haulage Contractors do it to survive, Majority of private cars do it to cause Fkg mayhem, you will regret asking that stupid Question Rov.
Scylax - Only perishable goods are allowed on German autobahns between 2359 Saturday to 2200 Sunday. Some autobahns are also closed to HGVs during July and August Saturdays to 'help' holiday traffic. It used to be a right pain for me driving to Austria, as through the summer I had to go via Luxembourg and stop at the Remscheid services. Left there at spot on 1820 so I would hit the A61 near Hockenheim at spot on 2000 when the ban was lifted until midnight, so I could get to the truckstop at Feuchtwangen for Sunday. During the day there are extensive sections of 2 lane autobahn that do not allow HGV overtaking, so you end up with a couple of miles of trucks going at the speed of the slowest, followed by several miles of chaos when the no overtaking bit ends and everyone pulls out to pass the knackered old Czech Liaz at the front!! Personally I don't think no overtaking works. Its OK for the cars whilst its happening, but then it just causes a hold up further on.
If all HGVs were restricted to lane 1 I'd like to see you try to get on or off the motorway as it would be one continuous roadtrain of HGVs.
Another thing I used to see on the M25...I used to travel up from Kent to Northampton on a Saturday morning (as Friday afternoon was too stressful for me and the truck!). Obviously fewer trucks about, but I would regularly be in lane 1 with nothing in front for 400 -500 yds while the outside lanes were packed with cars. This would be until there was some sort of hold up ahead and all the cars would suddenly realise there is an extra lane which they can use to get ahead of their 'rivals' and woe betide any truck they cut up to make their meagre progress!
No but I just wish they wouldn't overtake each other with one going about 0.1 of an MPH faster than the other blocking the lanes for 2 miles!
But there's always another lane you can use Mrs T, on a 3 or 4 lane motorway.
You can thank our friends in Europe for that MrsT. Brussels decided all trucks should be limited to 90kph(56mph) 'for safety'. Don't ask me why...we stil have a 60mph limit here on M'ways. Of course, all the limiters are calibrated slightly differently and that causes the problem. Personally, I think the 56mph limit is a would be much more acceptable if such a system limited you to 30 in a 30, 40 in a 40 etc (and of course this could be applied to ALL vehicles)..that would cause some good hold ups in town!
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MrsT probably gives the reason why some sort of control is necessary. The M11 has just started to operate the scheme where HGVs are only allowed to use the inner lane for long stretches during peak periods so the idea is not new although we are only dealing with a 2 lane carriageway here.

The western section of the M25 has variable speed limits usually about 50mph on most sections for all users not because of an accident but to control a steady constant speed to stop bunching. HGVs do cause bunching because of their restricted speed limits so the process could be made the same all the HGVs travelling at 50 mph in the inner lane.
Just to put you in the frame Rov, prior to this stupid European Bullsht Idea of the 56MPH for HGVs, coaches not allowed in the overtaking lane, that is the main course of your problem, at 56MPH the HGV uses more fuel, causing bunching, causes drivers to fall asleep! yes Asleep ask any long distance driver if you disbelief that last statement, I've been there, regards the M25 well that a joke the day they opened the bloody car park, thats what is has been the case from the day the opened the thing.

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M25 overload

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