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Do you think "Christian" driving works?

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AB Editor | 10:26 Mon 01st Nov 2010 | Motoring
36 Answers
"Christian" driving is driving with extra consideration to others – letting others out of side roads – in the belief that others will treat you likewise. Some believe drivers will reach their destination quicker and easier by driving by the motto of "one good turn deserves another".

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Do you think "Christian" driving works?

  • Yes “Christian” driving works (and I practice it) - 18 votes
  • 45%
  • No, it doesn't work (but it might make you feel better regardless) - 11 votes
  • 28%
  • Yes, it works (but sometimes I "forget" to practice it) - 6 votes
  • 15%
  • No, it doesn’t work (because it is a dog-eat-dog world out there on the roads) - 5 votes
  • 13%

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The only time I'm patient is when I'm driving....
forget christian driving just get on with it. Dithering is the cause of traffic jams etc.
Didn't Clarkson and May try this out on Top Gear, and the 'Christian' driver won!
It worked for Jesus, it says in the Bible

"Jesus came down from the mountain in his Triumph"

The question is, did he give way to other road users at the bottom :-)
Hark. The Herald.
He didn't have a Triumph Herald for Gods sake!!!!!

No taste, but so easy to change the gearbox especially in the convertible!!!
"I hate that label...christians do not have a monopoly on niceness".
I agree with this 100%.

Consideration or compassion is not the exclusive domain of any religion IMO.
Personally, I believe that consideration (and compassion) is practised far better by other belief systems anyway.

Anyway, religion aside, yes - I think consideration and kindness on the road can have a 'knock-on' effect as it also does in other areas of day to day living.

Practise random kindness and senseless acts of beauty !
It's a dog-eat-dog world. One has to drive for themselves, the other driver, pedestrian and bicyclist.
It's not so much as driving like a Christian, If you drive like a Barbarian the law will punish you sooner or later!

I hope.
i was once asked by some idiot on here how i knew how to be good if i wasnt religious...?

Just seen this. I clicked the first button but I wouldn`t call it christian driving, just `being nice` driving. Here in SW London, if you don`t let someone out into the traffic, there would be gridlock. If someone is kind and lets me out, I always repay the gesture by letting someone else out. Seems to work
My husband always prays when I get behind the wheel.
^^for the whole journey all I get is "Oh God" "Oh God", "Jesus that was close", what a wuss.
I'm a courteous driver, but I've been driving long enough to know that I shouldn't expect others to return the favour. The only places I don't 'do' courtesy much is in big cities, London in particular, where unless you adhere to the philosophy of every man for himself, you'll never get where you're going. (I actually object to that title on principle, Ed, so I'm very pleased you've reconsidered it. I'm much nicer and more caring and considerate than many 'Christians' I know - and that applies to my life in general - not just when I'm driving).
I call this 'Road Karma' and my boyfriend and me always say how well it works! Am sure I mentioned it on here before and got rubbished though!
A few years ago when I was on the Artics I used to come around Hackney very often I cannot remember this particular place but there was a One way system there, I seen this Elderly Gent trying to cross the road, no Basd would stop for him so I pulled up got out with driver Blasting their horns for me to move, my answer to them was FCK you, I escorted the old lad over the road, give out my Churchill wave to the selfish basds then carried on SLOWLY, I do not want a halo from anyone but a bit of goodness does help!!! or does it?

21 to 36 of 36rss feed

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Do you think "Christian" driving works?

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