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Nissan Micra, cutting out

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doorknob | 18:19 Wed 02nd Mar 2005 | Motoring
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Can anyone help re possible reasons for an N Reg Nissan Micra that keeps cutting out?  When cold the engine starts first time and runs perfectly until warm.  Then, whenever taking the foot of the accelerator (when breaking or changing down) the engine starts to cut out and stalls totally if there are not enough revs on it.  The only helpful suggestions from 2 garages so far are to take it to a Nissan garage for a computer diagnostic check (�250-�300!!!)


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If you are a member of the RAC, they can run a diagnostics check too.........just make sure you are "out and about" when it conks out and you have to call them.

Likewise, I have a K-reg Micra available for spares or repair. You could get that, strip it down for parts and everything will be "hunky dorey" (and it never cuts out).

there are too many possible causes to list & you'd probably be none the wiser anyway if you're not mechanically minded. A diagnostic check is good advice, but the cost you've been quoted is hopelessly wide of the mark. Many garages don't charge for the diagnosis provided you subsequently authorise them to carry out the repair - otherwise �25 to �50 is a reasonable charge for a computer check for fault codes etc.

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Nissan Micra, cutting out

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