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Petrol Price Comparison!

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rnchugg | 19:56 Tue 04th Jan 2011 | Motoring
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Hi all I am trying to find a UK petrol Price comparison. Please could everyone just put there area plus AVERAGE Petrol and Diesel Costs. Thanks

North Devon
Petrol £128.9
Diesel £131.9


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One hundred and Twenty Eight pounds plus per litre? Wow, that is the most expensive petrol in the world! Did you mean 128 pence per litre? If the latter then mine are as follows:

South Shropshire

Petrol 127.9 PENCE per litre
Diesel 130.9 PENCE per litre

You can also check prices at the following site:
Truro Shell this afternoon £1-24.9 and £1-27.9

rnchugg, you have the most expensive prices in the world if its £128.9 and £131.9 per litre in North Devon.
Question Author
Oopps Im bad. I ment
P 128.9 pence
D 131.9
Thanks and sorry pips
you are correct if you are pricing in kilolitres - for price per ton divide by 0.74 for gasoline and 0.84 for diesel.
You seem to be doing things the hard way. All of the information you require is here:

asda is about 123 and Texaco (on the way to work and always fleecing) is 130.. Right bloody cheek!!
Diesel in Hereford today was £133.9 - I nearly had heart failure.
That's the best answer yet, but you have not told us where you live, hippyhoppy. Is it far from me in the Midlands?
Bangor, N Wales/Anglesey :

Unleaded 130.9 Diesel 135.9

(Thank goodness i'm getting a more fuel efficient car soon!!)
you could always use this site
petrol 121ppl
diesel 126ppl

do people actually buy that shell super stuff thats about 10ppl dearer than the normal gunk ?
The Highest price in this area: 129.90p 134.90p
The Average price in this area: 125.57p 129.34p
The Lowest price in this area: 120.90p 124.90p

Ankou - Yes! about half of my fleet drivers do or have done over the last few months - bloody muppets!
welsh - i threatened out driver's if they did it, they'd have to pay back the difference after having to make one example it worked!
A litre of gas/petrol is $1.13 (0.71GBP) in the Toronto area:)

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Petrol Price Comparison!

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