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Average Speed Cameras

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New2Quizzes | 13:51 Wed 05th Jan 2011 | Motoring
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Have you (or anyone you know) ever had a "ticket" from these cameras? What were the circumstances? Many thanks.


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Not me, my licence is clean!, the old R1 knows where the cameras are!

Are there some of these on the M25? Don't think there are a lot about anyway, I know they have them on the continent a lot.
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Plenty on M25 and M1. Often used where roadworks go on for miles (and miles and miles)!
Yes, two tickets on succesive days on the same stretch of road. One was for average speed of 35, the other for average speed of 36 in a 30 mph stretch. I was only "going with the traffic", so they must have had a field-day. No excuses. A610 Nottingham about six years ago.
yes there are some on the m6 and a few of our drivers have been caught, usual fine and points
bad luck, les! I must have escaped these by the seat of my pants sometimes. it's irritating when the speed limit is.. say, 50, and the whole motorway is virtually empty (no workmen, not much traffic). I think it's easy to "go with the traffic" or even forget the restricted speed limits.
Mccfluff all down the M6 or in specific places?
my usual journey is tamworth up m6 toll to stoke and they are inbetween where the toll and m6 meet and stoke, they may be in other place but that's where i;ve seen them and where our drivers have been caught.

although saying that i havent been to stoke since early dec so they may no longer be there
Yes, one of our drivers got one about 2 months ago on the M25 with an average speed of 16mph over the limit. It was pretty stupid of him really as he drives through it nearly every day and knew the restrictions. Still, it's him that gets the points and the fine.
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Anyone had a ticket from a journey at night (in hours of darkness)?
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Anyone able to provide comments on previous posts? Thanks.

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Average Speed Cameras

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