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Speed Limit Changes

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DancingDoris | 17:10 Thu 01st Dec 2011 | Road rules
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A new school has recently been built just off a bypass that I use to get to work. They have lowered the speed limit on the road passing the school to 30. Whilst coming home this week I have noticed that the signs have only been changed in one direction. The 30 limit by the school has a 40 limit on either side (same road). I'm just curious, would a driver caught doing 40 in the direction that there are no signs be prosecuted?



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I'd supect not as a limit needs to be signposted and if it siad 40 earlier then that would surely hold until the next sign.

I'm more interested in the fact that they seem to have deliberately planned to put a school next to a busy road. Sort of confirms all my beliefs in planners and authority. BTW expect it to be 20 mph soon.
Interesting point, DD......if there was a mobile speed camera team there and someone was zapped doing more than 30mph on the side that states that it is still a 40mph area, then if given a ticket, you would have a case if it went to appeal or court.

Photographic evidence would have to be taken by the accused and sent in to explain why that speed was being done.

The problem is whether in the meantime the sign is changed to the correct 30mph limit as the other side says, and you have no photographic proof to back you up.

I would mention it to the council/police and get it logged and changed to the correct speed limit for THIS reason......If someone gets really hurt, especially a school child crossing the road and the driver is doing 40mph instead of 30mph, which could mean the difference between them being slightly injured or seriously injured, possibly killed... which would be tragic.

I would report it. :0)
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The school is huge. It's one of those new ALC thingys.
The road joins 2 pretty industrialised areas so all sorts of artics and HGVs travel up and down all day. So far they haven't even bothered putting any crossings in, yet have built a bus stop and are expecting 11 year olds to cross this type of road. I would welcome a 20 limit as I certainly wouldn't want any of my kids crossing that road as it is.
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Can I just point out, I haven't actually been caught speeding, just pondering!!
Nothing better than a ponder, DD.

On what you just mention, looks like the Highway's agency/Local council have'nt thought things through here very needs to flagged up and actioned asap.

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Speed Limit Changes

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