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Motoring Fine

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malagabob | 10:03 Tue 22nd Dec 2015 | Road rules
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A family member has just received a spot fine for driving in a bus lane. The alledge offence took place 6-8 weeks ago. Due to the time lapse from alledged offence and receiving the notice is it invalid.


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No .
Beware: Having waited such a long time for one to come along, three may now come along in quick succession :-)

As I understand it the same rules for Bus Lane Contraventions apply as that in the issue of a parking PCN.
They have 28 days to serve PCN from date of contravention but this can be extended to 6 months,
providing within 14 days of the contravention, they have applied to DVLC and have not been supplied with
details in 28 days.
that's not a long time at the fine and keep out of bus lanes..

See last paragraph here "PCN issued by CCTV"
surely an on the spot fine is just that - given on the spot?
I hope you all follow bednobs' advice to stay out of bus lanes and allow me to make considerable progress, as I often do, because other drivers do not check the opening times of the lanes.

Deptford to New Cross Gate in south London is a typical example of unobservant motorists causing congestion by not using closed bus lanes.
You haver to be pretty vigilant checking all the signs though, Derek.

Go along the South Circular through Wandsworth and the apparently 'closed' bus lane suddenly becomes restricted again. This isn't the only place where you can get caught out.
Might have been better placed in "law".

No expert but be sure the time limit to inform you includes any post office delay or other delays; or you might think you are ok and not be. You need a full definition of the limit before replying that it is invalid.
Yes these awful lanes where those who pay for the road are banned from using part of it by some evil elite presumably in order to maximise congestion frustration and the like. Some are time limited. But I end up rapidly checking the time as I approach as I tend to assume the one I always use is ok but then realise I have to check ! But I always seem to be after the morning end time.

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Motoring Fine

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