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Driving Without A Licence

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marie1234 | 12:07 Thu 24th Nov 2016 | Road rules
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I know this question has been answered before,but was quite a while ago.
I'm aware of a gentleman who doesn't have a driving licence and is transporting 3 young children to and fro everyday.
What can I do?


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You duty is for the safety of the children & others, inform the police, not a nice thing to do but that's how it is.

Crimestoppers UK - Call Us Anonymously or Online‎ . . . . . 0800 555111
if he hasn't got a licence it follows that he isn't insured either
You can report this driver anonymously through Crime Stoppers, an independent body, separate from the police.

I think you will feel easier with yourself if you actually do something about this stupid man. Obviously, if he doesn't have a driving license then he doesn't have insurance for his car either.
And if he is driving without a licence and insurance - has the car got a current MOT pass certificate - will he be bothered ?
Are you 100% sure he's no Licence Marie? how do you know?
You can still insure an unlicensed driver.

The car has to be insured & then stopped after you get the tax Ummmm.
TWR....I can insure my unlicensed son to drive my car...FACT
Opps, my mistake x
I wouldn't do it mind, it'll cost about a million pound....
I was thinking about the car's Licence Ummmm one of my friends is getting buried here today, we used to stop at the mounts together, going to the Service shortly.
Report him the Police with immediate effect marie. If he hasn't got a licence than he probably doesn't have insurance either.

He deserves no second thoughts from you....just do what is right.
The police won't be interested, so why should you be.
JJ....why would the Police not be interested ? What a curious accusation to make !
The police will be interested. Why do you say that Just Jude?
If he has no licence ( not even a provisional) he can't have insurance. Driving without insurance is an offence.
Ummm how do you insure a 'driver' with no licence? It is illegal to drive without a licence , you can't insure to do something illegal!
Or do you mean insure a person who has only a provisional licence? which is legal as long as they have a supervising driver?
I suppose an unlicensed person could be insured to drive on private land - banger racing etc - but certainly not for driving on the road
The police won't be interested because;

A. The crime is too mundane for them to be bothered about.

B. The police would rather "investigate" crime among celebs and MPs, it give them the taste of the high life for a while.

C. They'll soon be packing their bags for Portugal to take part in the annual hunt for Maddie McCann.
JJ....oh dear !

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Driving Without A Licence

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