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Best And Cheap Online Car Insurance

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shanayabindra | 12:10 Wed 06th Sep 2017 | Road rules
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Can any please tell how do I find cheap & reliable car insurance online for young new drivers?


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No .. but I bet you are going to tell us.
not too sure what you mean by reliable, but the words young new driver and cheap will never go together in the car insurance world. come to think of it older experienced and cheap don't go together either
^^^ and the words "cheap" and "best" don't go together, either....
There can never be cheap insurance for new young drivers as 1 in 3 of them have an insurance claim in the first year of driving! For us over 60s it is closer to 1 in 100.
I've just had my insurance renewal quote and its up by about 30%. On researching various comparison sites this quote is actualy the cheapest so I'll stay with this insurer (AA). That's never happened before.
The cheapest insurance for a young driver is going to be one of the 'Black Box' companies,
There is a box fitted to the car that monitors the driving and warns you if you are not driving correctly.
Have you considered if you are a second driver being a named person on your parent insurance? That is certainly cheaper
^^^also if you have your own policy, the premium can be reduced by having a parent as a named driver
try quidco
Searching to buy a cheap car insurance than I will suggest you shouldn't take it because there are many pitfalls in the cheap car insurance about which company didn't tells to buyer. You should read articles regarding car insurance pitfalls before buying it. Just check this out:
Yashkumar - given the information in the link you provided @ 07:41, it appears that the article and your post may relate to obtaining car insurance in India? Some of the replies will be from UK contributors to AB and based upon their experience/knowledge of the home insurance market. There are likely to be some major differences between the two both commercially and legally.
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Best And Cheap Online Car Insurance

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