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Mot Failure ?

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derekpara | 13:41 Wed 09th Dec 2020 | Road rules
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Gd'afternoon all.

Situation: N/S broken mirror lens on a standard saloon car. ( All other mirrors OK)

Question: Is this an MOT failure ?


Stay safe.



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According to this, yes

But why not phone the people who do your MOT to check?
If it's the passenger side I think you'll be okay, but driver's side is a fail
Yes, but you can usually get just the glass (Halford) and stick it over the top of the broken one.
Question Author
Barry, 'cos I like asking/using AB ! Thanks for your answer.

Had an mot on my Corsa last week.
It was passed but had an advisory about a split windscreen wiper which was replaced by us the next day.
Comes under the visibility section with mirrors.
So you may pass but have to do it ASAP...or before may be wise.
As I understand it, not on the nearside, providing you have two other mirrors. BUT, an M.O.T tester can deem it as dangerous if they care to and fail it.
According to this link the nearside wing mirror is an obligatory mirror and a slight crack is a minor fault, a missing or badly damaged mirror is a major fault
Question Author
Thanks everyone. Without checking with an MOT station it looks like a N/S mirror with the lens missing IS an MOT failure. I think it's fairly new legislation.


Depends on the age of the car.

Cars first used before 26th Jan 2010 require 1 O/S mirror and 1 of either N/S or Internal mirror provided it gives the driver an adequate view to the rear.

Cars first used after that date require 1 O/S , 1 N/S and 1 Internal mirror (unless the internal mirror cannot provide an adequate view to the rear).
Great Avatar ABerrant. (´◡`)
Whilst the mirror might not e compulsory it's likely that, if fitted, it should be in good working order.

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Mot Failure ?

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