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Driving On Flooded Roads

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wiltsman | 18:58 Tue 02nd Jan 2024 | Road rules
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Driving near Bromsgrove around 4.30pm today I started driving into flooded water. I could see a couple of stranded cars ahead in deeper water, so decide to turn back, and was glad I did. Checking the internet, it appeared that several cars were stranded, awaiting rescue.

A few years back on holiday, I drove into a few inches of flood water, unfortunately I did not realise it was a flooded river which was rapidly rising. This subsequently resulted into my engine being ruined, causing over £3,000 worth of damage. 

Since then I've never driven through a flood.



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I think common sense says, if you don't know, or can't assess with reasonable accuracy how deep water is, then don't drive into it.

By the time you realise it was a mistake, is usually too late!

I was much too far out all my life   

And not drowning but waving

after stevie smith

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Driving On Flooded Roads

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