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parking outside your house

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hardrun | 18:57 Sun 14th Jan 2007 | Road rules
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my husband is a firefighter and is on call and someone keps parking in front of our house is there anything we can do


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Yea set light to their car and when they phone 999 and ask for the fire brigade get the operater to tell them that they cant come as there is a burning car outside there house
do you mean they are blocking your access?or are you only able to park on road (no driveway) and your husband cant park near to the house?
No, unless he is blocking access to your drive which your car is parked on.
Basically the road outside your house does not belong to you and, providing there are no other parking restrictions such as residents only, disabled bay etc, then anyone who feels like it is quite entitled to park outside your house. Happens to all of us, likewise it gets up our noses, but there is nothing to be done about it.
my boyfriend is also a retained firefighter (dont ya just hate the 3am alerters lol) Im not sure what your area is like but my boyfriend cant even put a sign in his car asking people not to block his exit as hes on call.
If you know who the car belongs to perhaps you could have a word with them and explain how important it is that your husband gets to firestation within a set period of time. They may understand and park elsewhere.
If you have a drive use it I HATE people who park on the road block it and they have an empty drive \ garage use it

Also you dont own the road outside your house to anyone can park there BUT you can say put somthing there like a traffic cone to stop people parking there or just park down the road you can still get to your car
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To all the people who have answered. Thank you
I have asked them Politely and yes I do know that "The road is not mine!!" However when you get abuse and they have 5 cars, I think that it is a lack of respect. We are now going to have a drive- way done, so problem solved. And then if they park (which they will) I will have it removed by the police. Under the highway code this is my right.
Again thanks
Beware of what you think are your rights.

The Highway Code (para. 217) suggests that drivers do not park in front of an entrance to a property. However, this is advisory and not a legal requirement. (Legal requirements are preceded by �Must/Must Not�).

As has been answered correctly many times before on AB, the space in front of your drive is no different to any other part of the road. If somebody parks there the police may use their powers of persuasion to help you get the vehicle shifted. On the other hand they, may not.

If you have had trouble with your neighbour he or she may feel inclined to park in front of your newly built drive just to be awkward. Your husband will then find himself in a worse position than before because his car will be trapped within your property.
Get your husbands mates at the station to keep filling the offending car up with water from the tender via the sun roof..they will soon get the message...But seriously the odd bit of mysterious yet persistent damage to the offending vehicle such as the odd nail or screw in the tyres will work {damn carpenters/plumber/electrician/builder type persons} I speak from experience!! would you keep parking somewhere you keep getting punctures ?? My old neighbour didnt !! Unfortunatly the law is not on your side, the only thing you could do is maybe to have a word with a policeman {Im sure your husband must know one} and get them to explain to the ignorant gits his line of work and why it would be sporting of them NOT to park in front of your

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parking outside your house

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