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Maybe driving without insurance?

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tonedepear | 00:02 Sun 01st Jul 2007 | Road rules
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I bought a new car last saturday, and called the insurance people before I picked it up to change the insurance over. Because I lie in a flood-affected bit of sheffield, I've not had any post for a week, so I have no cover note or paperwork through yet.

On the way to work tonight, I was pulled over by a friendly policeman who informed me my car was showing as not insured. I explained the situation, and he was happy that I was telling the truth, and gave me a 'producer' to take my insurance docs to a police station when they finally arrive. He mentioned that I should contact the insurers as they should have updated the big online database by now.

So, I've checked my scribbled notes tonight from when I was calling the insurance people before I picked the car up, and I've got one letter wrong in the reg. The car details will all be correct, but the reg is one letter wrong. Now, under normal circumstances I'd have received the cover note, noticed the mistake (probably) and called them to correct it. As I haven't had any post this hasn't happened.

I realise the liability is mine to have insurance. I won't know until monday morning whether I can call the insurance company, correct the mistake, and get them to send me a cover note with the correct reg, back-dated to the start of the policy.

If they won't where do I stand?

I'd be pretty agreived to be looking at points and maybe even having the car crushed into a cube, just down to a clerical error, albeit one that I'm ultimately responsible for.

Any advice welcome...


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You have a week to produce, so don't panic.

This is a simple admin error.

Telephone the insurance company first thing Monday, and they will send out amended paperwork showing the correct registration with the date the policy started as last Saturday.

It should arrive by next Saturday. If it doesn't, produce what you do have, explain the situation, and produce as soon as it is received.

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Thank you. That's very reassuring! If I wasn't on nights I'd sleep a bit better now.
if it does not arrive by the end of the producer time,you can extend it by going to the police station.

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Maybe driving without insurance?

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