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Single Yellow line - what does it mean?

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up4it | 17:18 Thu 18th Dec 2008 | Road rules
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There have been a few questions on double yellow lines recently however I have a question on single yellow lines...

1) what do they mean and what legal technicalities need to be met for them to be valid?
- I assume that they mean no parking but have been led to believe that they must have a sign saying the times they are valid from/to

What if .... on a one way street I saw a double yellow line but 1 of the lines has been obliterated in places so took this to mean that the double yellow lines are not valid and happily parked at the start of the street

After coming back to my car I had a ticket and only then considered that this could be on the basis of the remaining 1 solid yellow line at which time I looked for a sign

The street is not that long but is one way so me parking at the start of it was unaware that right down the other end there was a sign (near the no entry signs) with an arrow pointing back up the street saying no parking 10am to 10pm

2) Surely the signage saying the times should be at either end of the restriction? and be at regular intervals along the street? if so how often do they need to be?

I would have thought that it would be a valid defense that anyone using the road could not see the sign until they were leaving the road i.e. out the other end where the sign is and the no entry signs.

As it was I parked my car at the start of the road and then walked back out the way I had come so was never aware of the sign

Any comments/advice would be gratefully received

N.B. Do gooders and laughing answers need not reply



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A double yellow line means no parking or waiting at any time; a single line means the restriction is in force at times shown on the plate. The legal requirement is only that signs should be displayed at (undefined) regular intervals, so unless there are no signs at all (which could be a defence) it is up to you to find the sign. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. To your earlier point about "is a worn out double line a single line " its not. The law expects you to exercise some common sense. If part of one of the lines is missing, but it is obviously just worn out, you would be expected to surmise as a qualified driver that the line is a double line.
i have always been under the impression that if a single yellow line has been warn out/broken and no T at the/both end it is not a valid yellow line and you can/should appeal against the ticket.
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