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Parking in between driveways

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Stephanie07 | 19:53 Sun 08th Mar 2009 | Road rules
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If you are facing my house, to the right of the driveway you can park two cars, and then my neighbors driveway is there..and where theres two cars can park, across from that is the neighbors acrros the street parking (you would be blocking it if you took up both spots) .

there are two cars, and my mom and i go out at different times. so i park in the street and she parks in the driveway becase she has problems walking.. when i park in the street i park closer to my driveway...i used to park in the center but the people across the street asked me to moved my car back or forward a little so it was easier for them to get out. but people who are visiting like across the street or next dooor to us, take up both spots and i dont think its fair that i can't park infront of my house when everone else on the street can.

and people always park directly across from my driveway when the could move to the right a little where there is no driveway.


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Parking in between driveways

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