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cycle lamps.

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hallj1 | 00:01 Sat 14th Nov 2009 | Road rules
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I have recently noticed cyclists using flashing white or bluish lamps on the front of the cycles.Is this legal as I thought flashing lamps facing forwards were for emergency vehicles only?Thanks.


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I hardly think a cyclist with a tiny lamp flashing is going to be confused for an emergency vehicle
The police use bicycles with small blue lights so it must be illegal
All vehicles using the public highway must adhere to the provisions of the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989, as amended. Amendments were made in 2005 which allowed cycles to exhibit flashing lights (4 candelas; flash rate 1-4 times per second) front, rear and side (e.g. set in the wheels) whereby red is reserved for rear only, front may exhibit a range of colours (e.g. white, yellow, green amongst others) and amber tends to signify side placement. However blue lights are exclusively reserved for emergency vehicles.
Your lucky to have any cyclist's with lights at the front. Round here bother most of the time, also wear dark clothing as well. Deathwish springs to mind!
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saw one the other day, I couldn't believe my eyes. Two rear flashing lights, reflective yellow jacket, a flashing shoulder band and two front[white] flashing lamps.Talk about being seen, it was like a christmas tree on wheels.
Most cyclists don't have bells fitted either, and if they do they they don't use 'em. Especially on canal towpaths.
I have never felt comfortable ringing a bell on a bicycle.

I feel it sounds like an arrogant 'get out of my way'
Panic - I don't think your 'arrogant- get out of the way' approach is anywhere near as bad as a cyclist coming up quietly behind you and expecting you to have eyes in the back of your head and then they have the nerve to pass unfriendly comments when they have passed (common courtesy/good manners does not cost anything). It is better if the bell is rung well in advance, if you are courteous to walkers they will be courteous to you.
if you are annoyed by cyclists not using their bells on canal towpaths, a fairly obvious reaction springs to mind
magic merlin:
It is better if the bell is rung well in advance, if you are courteous to walkers they will be courteous to you. "
Cyclist should not be on the pavement, end of, a bell means sod all!
Not heard of cycle paths?
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