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CDs and DVD player

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Daij | 14:16 Sun 18th Dec 2011 | CD's, DVD's, Videos
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I tried to buy a bog standard separate CD player to play CDs on my hi fi stack system and failed - they all come incorporated in full hi fi systems nowadays it seems.
A friend said that he thought that standard DVD players would play CDs and recommended I got one of those and added it to my hi fi stack system and it would work - is this true?

Thanks in advance


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I can only tell you that all the DVD players I know of within my family can play CDs. Go on line or into the shops and check the specifications.
"it would work - is this true?"

But if you Google CD Separates, you'll find plenty of CD players suitable for connection to an existing hifi. The only problem is they tend to be top of the range models, from a few hundred squiddlies upwards. For around 20-30 quid you can get a DVD player and use that instead.
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How much do you want to spend? Richer Sounds have one at £100.

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CDs and DVD player

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