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Dvd Imports

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poppysix | 12:46 Wed 03rd Jul 2013 | CD's, DVD's, Videos
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Hi, I want to buy some dvds from ebay/amazon that are from america, they are all under £15.00, do I have to pay tax, import duties etc and also they state that shipping is £1.26 which seems cheap for that distance. Thanks


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Are you sure that American DVDs are compatable with UK players?
Make sure that they are for any region or that your DVD player will play any region DVD's.
Imports can, but don't always, attract import taxes. "Suck it and see" seems a good strategy. It is possible the company has a warehouse in the UK, maybe, which would keep p&p down. But in my experience from buying the odd used book from Amazon, some US sources manage to get the book to me at a very reasonable p&p.
It also depends on what the seller puts on the customs forms
If they include the P&P price, you may well be hit with a charge
This will explain what you need to know

If the dvds are for a different region then you might still be able to play them by setting a region code for your player . Some people say that using these codes can damage your machine so you might want to bear that in mind - the only time I have used one no damage resulted and so I can play discs from other regions.
As has been mentioned, you need to ensure that your DVD player is 'multi-region'.

If you buy the DVDs as individual purchases you won't get hit for any charges. Customs Duty doesn't apply to goods worth less than £135. VAT isn't charged on goods worth less than £15. The postal examination fee is waived when there's no Customs Duty or VAT to pay.

The foregoing assumes that the vendor attaches a properly completed CN22 form to the package. Without it, your goods could be seized.
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Thanks, I have a multi region dvd player and I will look at the websites that have been mentioned. thanks again

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Dvd Imports

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