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Chillout tune?

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Garmard | 11:15 Tue 03rd May 2011 | Music
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There is a chillout tune that keeps going round my head and i cannot find on the net what it is called or who wrote and performed it. All i know is that it repeats the line over and over again in a soft chorus "Who are you?" "Why oh why." "Who ar you?" then something, something you.....LOL.
Sorry i can't be more helpful other than i know it was used in an advert...i think for a bank about 4 years or so ago.

If anyone knows it will rest my mind......Thanks.


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Röyksopp - So Easy ??
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Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!
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your welcome.....its a really good album, i bought it after i heard it in that advert
It always makes me giggle peoples interpretations of the lyrics for this song!
I cant remember what mines was but nothing like the original

Great song though!
this is the sample it is taken from...a classic...both tunes i mean
Yes, I think the lyrics are 'blue on blue' rather than 'who are you'
Sherminator - I find it a common problem with loads of tracks where the lyrics aren't exactly clear. For instance, Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun I always thought the chorus went: "It's your grandma, took a pill and won't come home".

In fact the lyrics are, "Is it real now, when two people become one".

I always laugh because it's so much more obvious when you know what the lyrics are!
The lyrics are:

Blue on blue
Heartache on heartache
Blue on blue
Now that we are through

Ignore any mentions of "Ali Bombali" or worse... ;-)
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In that song by the Bee Gees,, "How Deep is your love" is that old corrupt lyric-

"And you come to me on a submarine."

What is the term used when you mishear lyrics to a song?

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Chillout tune?

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