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Christopher Rainbow Have You Ever Listened To Him

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in a mo | 12:15 Tue 11th Nov 2014 | Music
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I think I am correct in saying the Christopher Rainbow has a bad stammer yet he is able to sing so well .He was responsible for many of the "Jingles" when Radio One first started.

We played in a pub on evening and a chap spent a long time trying to ask me if he could come up and sing ,eventually I decided to let him try and to my astonishment he had an incredible voice ,yet he could barely speak.


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Do not know of him, but not surprised a stammer goes when singing. It requires less conscious thought as to what to say next, as the words/notes are already known/learnt and one can let the subconscious do its thing while you stay 'in the zone', not interfering.
People with stammers can't talk easily but singing isn't a problem. ... as I know. I used to have a really bad stammer as a child and joined a local operetta group. I could sing no bother. It was wonderful. At 21, I decided to, AT LAST, do something about it so I went for hypnosis(a real hypnotist, not one of those sideshow freaks who make people bark or strip off or some such krap!) I was instantly much better and now, I can't stop talking but also, I can't sing ! It's no loss to anyone I'm sure. I hate to hear of people stammering when there IS effective treatment available from a REAL hypnotherapist.
Ah; he convinced you that you hadn't barked and stipped off ;-)
$%^£&%^&" typos >:-(
Bow wow ! No, I'm sitting here in the nude by choice OG.
... and woof woof !
here's a classic from the man, as championed by Kenny Everett in his capital radio days. I was reminded of this by maroon 5's "this love".

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Christopher Rainbow Have You Ever Listened To Him

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