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Wham! Everything She Wants '97 Todd Terry Remix

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daz1969 | 22:49 Wed 31st Mar 2021 | Music
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Hello, I'm trying to find out if Wham! Everything She Wants '97 Todd Terry Remix was released on a compilation album, perhaps of various artists, you know the kind of CD 'greatest hits of '97 / Now That's What I Call Music' kind of thing, I've looked, I've found it on a Spanish promo CD single but I'm not paying £50. It was played in the background of Classic Coronation street today so maybe it was released on a compilation. Many thanks.


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I admit I haven't looked too hard but I'd just save it and play it at leisure.

Daz, I may be wrong, but I think it was on a Greatest Hits album from the same year called "The Best of Wham!: If You Were There...".
I just remember having the CD and the remix being on it. Couldn't say if it was by Todd Terry or not though.
I've only foundone on this site!?type=Appearances&;subtype=Compilations&filter_anv=0

that fits the criteria, bit it appears to be from some sort of euro compilation, so I don't think you'll find it in the UK.
* found one (Not foundone)

This is the album

all the others are listed as a Todd Terry Radio Edit. Hope you find what you want, daz.

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Wham! Everything She Wants '97 Todd Terry Remix

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