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Where Do You Go To My Lovely Parody

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badhorsey | 16:55 Mon 02nd Aug 2021 | Music
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Does anyone know who did this back in the day? It started "She talks like Henry Cooper, she walks like a grizzly bear..."


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Jim Daly is one:

The same question was asked 15 years ago on this thread
but, alas, with no-one coming up with an answer.

It does, however, take the lyrics just a little bit further:
"She talks like Henry Cooper
She walks like a grizzly bear
Her clothes they are all made by Woolworths
And the dandruff falls from her hair"

It sounds to me like a Barron Knights parody, which could have been broadcast in their Radio 2 comedy series but never committed to disc (which would explain why a search for the lyrics yields no results).
Stanley Baxter did a video to go with the original track.
If you google 'where do you go to my lovely' parody you tube, a couple of songs come up ..

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Where Do You Go To My Lovely Parody

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