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Does Anybody Know.......

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10ClarionSt | 15:58 Thu 22nd Sep 2022 | Music
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......what music the pipes and drums were playing as the Queens' coffin was being moved from Westminster Hall to the Abbey? Probably a Scottish lament I guess but do any of you clever people know what it was?


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A trawl of my social media suggests it was Mist Covered Mountains.
16:31 Thu 22nd Sep 2022
Question Author
Thanks Meaghan, but that was the procession to Windsor Castle. I mean right at the beginning, from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey, prior to the main service. It took them about 10 mins.
The whole funeral is on BBC Iplayer in segments, one segment is Westminster Hall to the abbey. It may be on the commentary what the music is.
I thought it was Sleep Dearie Sleep.
Something by Bach? Fantasia?
A trawl of my social media suggests it was Mist Covered Mountains.

Definitely Sleep, dearie, sleep

//Definitely Sleep, dearie, sleep//

To be pedantic though, the OP wants the pipe music from when the coffin first emerged from Westminster Hall and taken to the Abbey, not the final lament.

It’s definitely Mist Covered Mountains.
Had another look and yes, its mist covered mountains.
Both mentioned in the voice-over I trow
( sleep dearie and mist)

I was over funeral marched by the end - Beethoven 1,2,3 - and Death march from Saul - I think completes the list ( for fullness)
wild it isnt
Fatticus - what ho fatts!
The video of Mist covered....
didja spot the wild wild grass? grrrrrrrowing wild in a glen ? in the opening shotette of the viddie?

It isnt - that is cultured triticum ( wheat I think) . not wild at all - engineered. Possibly the most successful species on the planet. Possibly more successful than H Sapiens at spreading and excluding everything else. - only about 4 000 y old.

as with everything Royal, it may not be what it seems

( that isnt too deep for AB is it? what is old and Royal turns out to be new and Royal? )
No idea what the last 2 posts mean but thanks to The Winner and TheCorbyLoon.
I claim my prize of Best Answer, money is nothing, kudos is everything.
Question Author
Thanks for all the replies folks. Yes FatticusInch. Mist Covered Mountains. Having watched and listened several times to that particular part of the coverage, I can't say I heard any mention of the music. Thanks again.
My pleasure, 10ClarionSt.

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Does Anybody Know.......

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