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Let’s Have A Music Thread To Lift The Doom & Gloom

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Bobbisox1 | 16:08 Tue 27th Sep 2022 | Music
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Of war & politics
I’m going to see the Drifters in November , this is a track I really like, I hope they sing it
Classical and memories good and bad , let’s play them



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Question Author
Question Author
Well I tried ….

Good song choices, Bobbi, even if no one else is feeling musical.
I like that one too, Fatti, even if it was a Labour Campaign song.

Let's hope things do get better for Ukraine, those at the mercy of the cost of living and .... on AB.

Sorry Bobbi, please keep the tunes coming.
Question Author
Fatti, I like your choice, it’s optimistic

Really Lcg, now that’s weird
Question Author

Just because I like it

This is a catchy tune to make you move.
Weird indeed, Bobbi. Who knows what makes people tick.

This is the one I meant to post - I don't know where Aguilera came from:

Question Author
I’ll leave for now , my son is messaging me regarding funeral arrangements
Been here before - and survived

Bobbi; Flo and Eddy sang this with Frank Zappa.

And this is another Flo and Eddy /Frank classic. I always think of you when I hear this. :-)

A tune (and vid) to brighten up anyone's day - imho, of course:

I really love all these songs!

This one sums up every day for me:

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Let’s Have A Music Thread To Lift The Doom & Gloom

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