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Question Author
Oh no...I was a great fan back in the day. Saw them in NYC sometime around 1978. Partner and I got ill from bad marijuana...went home...abd missed a surprise appearance by Bob Dylan.

Question Author
bad smoke probably laced with pcp i think it was called back then
I don't know what it was...just that we were sick as dogs. Neither of us were much into that so we may have been a bit naive.
A sad day indeed. He did some brilliant film work particularly with his very close friend Martin Scorsese. R.I.P.

As an aside. On Thursdays I usually go to see a 92yr old pal at a local hostelry. There is a band there every Thursday all year long. They are huge fans of The Band and always play Dixie and The Weight .
Sad news indeed. RIP Robbie.
This Times link is not paywalled. Some good comments at the foot of the item.

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Robbie Robertson Dies

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