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A Song About A Lonely Totem Pole

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Teresa57 | 11:42 Sun 15th Oct 2023 | Music
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This song was sung either by Jim Reeves or Daniel O'Donnell please help. Thank you.



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Sorry but not the one 

Teresa57, are you sure?  there is a saying called "low man on the totem pole", and after a search I found that its an instrumental. 

Question Author

Yes a lovely song about a totem pole that meets a wife. Had it on cd but can't find anywhere now 😢

You could try wading through the 758 (!!!!!) lyrics with totem pole in - don't think I'll be bothering.

It's a good job you didn't wade through them captain as it turns out neither totem nor pole is mentioned on the Hank Williams song.

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A Song About A Lonely Totem Pole

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