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Epic Orchestra. (Now And Then, By Beatles)

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Patsy33 | 15:00 Wed 15th Nov 2023 | Music
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This song has grown on me. Even more, listening to this orchestral version.

What do you think?



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I haven't heard the orchestral version - but if it's as dreary as the single I shan't bother.

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Thanks Moorea. 😀

I have to admit I'm not greatly enthusiastic about the song, Patsy, and I find the orchestrial version a bit of a drag - sorry.x

Much prefer the "original" version without the orchestra, just like songs off Let It Be are so much better before Phil Spector completely drowned them with his wall of sound.

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I found it dreary when I first heard the song, too. After hearing it a couple more times, I changed my mind. I thought the orchestra did a good job. I know a lot of people don't like it but I have a great affection for the Beatles as they were. I was determined to like it, I suppose..😁

When I first heard the song I just thought it sounded like a John Lennon song (I listened on Youtube) Now I`ve heard it on the home stereo I really like it and can hear echos of the Beatles. Not sure about the classical version because I don't like classical music but I can imagine that version as a theme to something (probably involving a galleon sailing in high seas)

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I thought the same, 237. The Orchestral rendition, would definitely make a good theme tune to a film/drama. 



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Epic Orchestra. (Now And Then, By Beatles)

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