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The Good Ship Murders Theme Tune

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barry1010 | 11:02 Mon 20th Nov 2023 | Music
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Asking for a friend 

What is the theme tune and who sung it originally?   It goes along the lines of

Going on an adventure with you on my mind (my mind, with you on my mind)

Going on an adventure with you where the sun always shines (shines the sun of always shines)

Because of you I'll always remember, going on an adventure with you on my mind.


I think Shayne Ward is singing it for the theme tune but I do think it is an old song.

Any ideas?  I can't find the lyrics online



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I haven't checked this link but it looks like the answer may be there.

Barry, with Andy Hughes knowledge of music and cruise ships, he may know the answer to your question.😀

Are you saying that the theme song from the prog sounds familiar but with different lyrics?

Question Author

Wolf, thanks for the link.  That has all the music played in the series - except the theme tune.

Barsel, the tune and words are familiar but my memory could be playing tricks on me

Shayne Ward himself sings it and it is Going on an Adventure(with you on my mind) It has not been released for streaming yet, I don't think, but it sounds like something sung by The Mavericks. I have looked for it myself after "she who must be obeyed"asked me to identify it. 

Question Author

Thanks, Togo, I did think it is Shayne singing.

The Mavericks is a good suggestion for the original release but I thought it was from the 60s.  I suppose it could have been written for the show

Barry, have you got a link to Shayne Ward singing the theme?

I think it has been written for the show Barry."She who must be obeyed" watches it avidly. Not my cup o tea I'm afraid. I have looked all over the web and not been able to find it but there are plenty of little forums all asking the same question and no one can find it. It is not even on the toob. If someone managed to record the show segments and splice together a playable version it would get a million hits before the week was out if they put it on YTube. Unless it was taken down for copyright reasons. Someone somewhere wrote it and wants their cut. What's that song. Haha. 

You have to record the show Barsel It is on every one of the episodes beginning and end.

I looked it up on My5 and this is the link I have but not sure if it will work for everyone.

It's a catchy tune and in the style of The Mavericks, but I think Togo is right, it was probably written for the show. 

I'll forward it to the end to see if there is any info there.

Sorry, it won't let me do that, so I would have to play the episode to see if there is info in the credits at the end.

Like Togo, it isn't my cup of tea, but I could play it in the background and will come back later with any info I can find.

Question Author

Thanks, Barsel, but no need to go to all that trouble, I can look later.  I don't think it is sung at the end, Shayne sings a different well known song to finish the show each week and the credits role after that.  

Barry, it's ok, I want to know the answer myself now!

I've got the programme running in the background and will look in in about half an hour when it should be ending and see if there is anything in the credits about who wrote the song.

I'm not sure I can forgive you for asking this question as the song is going round and round in my head now!

🎵I know a song that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves.🎵

Joe Pascale.

Question Author

It's one of those tunes, isn't it?  

I want to know this too!. Please someone tell us

Shayne Ward: The Good Ship Murder Theme Song(ish!) (

This link sd take you to the theme tune - sung by Shayne Ward - Going on an Adventure (with you on my mind).  Not on Spotify.  Some more info is on The Good Ship Murder Facebook Gp.

It's the theme tune to Channel 5 (UK) TV show, The Good Ship Murder. Its sung by Shane Ward (Who also stars in the series) However after searching numerous sites I can't honestly say if he released it as a single 

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The Good Ship Murders Theme Tune

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