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Countrylover | 01:00 Sat 27th Jan 2024 | Music
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Enjoying early 1990s music on BBC4.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the music then.  And on came Creep.  My Radiohead albums are going to be fished out tomorrow and enjoyed again.  Where did that woman go who pushed herself to the front of the stage of a Radiohead concert!!




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I've just hunted for it on YouTube and 
(a) I've no recollection of ever having heard it before ; and
(b) that's not something that I find myself regretting in the least.


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I was somewhat besotted with them.  My son loved them so much he got me hooked.  Creep was a worldwide success.  Radiohead, after The Stones remain a favourite with me.

I remember hearing my favourite Radiohead song Street Spirit (fade out) on the radio. Everything was put on hold until I could play it on guitar. Then I'd play along with them, for hours.

Radiohead? I musta missed them!

they now have started a new project called the Smile.


Annie Lennox doing 'Why' - a woman whose voice is as beautiful as her face.

Is that a compliment or a criticism ?

OG - A compliment.

A criticism would be - Rachel Riley is as beautiful as she is intelligent. 

And so is Ann Robinson.

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Thom Yorke I'd a great musician, singer and songwriter.  A wonderful voice.  He looking old  now, but then so am I .  How could anyone over 40 not of been aware of Radiohead.  They were world wide famous.

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The Winner,I am liking Thom's new stuff.

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I loved Fade out


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My favourite



Thom writes such happy music   :0)

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