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Is The Too Late To Get Very Good?

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fireblood88 | 09:51 Wed 06th Mar 2024 | Music
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I started flute at 18 and piccolo at 26 I'm 27 now can I still get into a good orchestra or is it too late?



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I wouldn't think so, just on an age basis.  It would depend on how good you are = how hard you work + natural talent.

I believe that 'blind' auditions are held. That is how you now get some women in what were men only orchestras (e.g. Vienna).

I learned piano from age 5 until I was 13.  I now know I was pretty decent, but I didn't then and gave up. During lockdown I decided to  practise and aimed at playing Fur Elise, which I did, painfully slowly at first.  Now (in my 70s) I'm the church organist! This means constantly learning new pieces to a reasonable standard.  Quite a tough (unpaid) job.

It is  never too  late.  Good  luck and stick with it.   😄

If you practice.

send us a video of you playing!

You're a bit young to think you're too late for anything, go for it

Just do it, as long as it's what you want to do, it's never too late.

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Is The Too Late To Get Very Good?

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