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Songs That Should Have Been Number 1

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renegadefm | 22:39 Wed 15th May 2024 | Music
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We have all bought singles over the years or heard them on the radio and thought my God that is a sure fire hit, or even a number 1, but so many has stalled in the lower top 40.


My song I wanted to mention tonight is Status Quo - Restless from 1994, and I wanted to add it here to see if anyone feels the same as me and it's a hit that got away.





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Amazing Grace ?

Question Author



Thats a fair point. 

Also I suppose Happy Birthday, which is a fact to be the most sung song in the world. 

Here you go Khandro ...

Sam, that's beautiful.

Best version of the song ladybirder IMO. Sadly only got as high as number 5 in the charts.

Waterloo Sunset, Penny Lane (thank you Engelbert, good luck with Eurovision), Rocket Man, My Generation.

Stevie Wonder's Pastime Paradise should have made no.1  but it was never released as a single.

Disturbed's brilliant and gripping interpretation of Sound of Silence deserved to be no 1. 

I found it impossible not to stop and listen whenever I heard it.


'Vienna' was worthy of the top spot,imho, but was kept in 2nd place by a 'novelty song' Shaddap You Face.



Surprisingly this never made number 1   ...


I think there's a lot of classics that folk think we bigger hits than they were, chart wise.


God Only Knows

American Pie

Let it Be

Stairway to Heaven (never even a single at the time)

Fairytale of New York

The Living Years

according to Wikipedia, there was a promotional single of Stairway to Heaven, which reached 37. I never knew that. They must have done a lot of promoting if they gave away enough to get on the charts at all.

I'm amazed  that Robbie William's Angela  never got to Number One!

Jno, almost. It was when downloads were first introduced as part of the charts in 2005. Stairway charted then, but was never a single in 1971 when LZ IV came out.

Agree Mozz on Fairytale of New York.



My first thought was Vienna...  having just read this post, posted by Ken...yesterday. But this should've been No.1


I thought Gary Moore should have had a No.1 with "I've Still Got The Blues Over You" and "Parisienne Walkways".

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I agree, but I thought Out in the fields by Phil Lynott and Gary Moore should have been number 1, but it stuck at number 5.


Also another one that got away was Sarah by Thin Lizzy. Beautiful song. 

"Part of the Union" by the Strawbs was famously kept off the top of the charts by "Blockbuster" by the Sweet for several weeks.

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Songs That Should Have Been Number 1

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