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What Was No 1 On The Day You Were Born?

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ToraToraTora | 14:41 Mon 20th May 2024 | Music
43 Answers

Mine was Frank Ifield, I remember you. Died today so I thought I would ask the ABers who their's were.



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seasons in the sun

I heard it through the grapevine - Marvin Gate. 

Probably, '

We'll Hang out the Washing on the Siegfreid Line'

I thang yoo.playmates

Sorry Marvin Gaye.

Anthony Newley - Why.

Just Googled and got 2 responses. My brthday falls on 8th March and on 18 Feb, number one was Ruby Murray (bit of CRS for you there, TTT) singing Softly Softly. The charts were apparently not published again until 11 Mar when Tennessee Ernie Ford topped them with Give Me Your Word.

Just listened to them both and if that's what music was like as i nestled in mother's womb, no wonder i sought something entirely different as i grew up.

Don't think they had music charts when I was born,  so long ago

I believe by Frankie Laine

Magic Moments - Perry Como

Give me your word - Tennessee Ernie Ford

Patti Page -I went to your wedding.

Never heard this one before!! Anyone know it??

No idea.

Are you trying to discover everyone's age ?

Shep Fields and his Rippling Rhythm Orchestra playing

South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)

Ah! Those were the days!

Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That cigarette)

The American hit parade.

A message like that wouldn't do now.

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I think Elliemay1 must be my long-lost twin, as this (ghastly) song was Number 1 in the charts when I was born too!


All you need is love.


Nov 1951

Longing For You

Teresa Brewer

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What Was No 1 On The Day You Were Born?

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