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This Post Could Be Long Winded

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JinnyJoan | 19:39 Fri 24th May 2024 | Music
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but pardon the pun.

Right many years ago I was very interested in playing the piano or organ and I had a great teacher - however personal things happened to her and she stopped teaching.

But the learning never left me and so I didn't bother for many years (also let me say I had great difficulty in combining/ playing with left hand and notes)  

Last year I took a notion of playing the Clarinet and went to a lad who couldn't believe I got played some notes "twinkle twinkle" after 6 weeks.

However the lad was only 21 and he literally spoke like a ventriloquist and I genuinely couldn't handle, looking at his mouth, looking at the keys of the Clarinet and then the music - I just couldn't understand one word he was saying.

I told him this that I was lip-reader but the lad couldn't just open his mouth and I had to leave with devastation.

I have missed the "learning" so much and it has been difficult to get another Clarinet teacher - they all wanted to teach me by Zoom which I couldn't do.

Anyway this is the news I have found a class that teaches like a variety bunch of instruments but no Clarinet but they teach the Saxaphone which I don't know any thing about, but I was wondering if I got a note from the Clarinet could I manage the Saxaphone.  Sorry for talking too much  would love an answer.  thanks



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A friend of mine was a professional clarinet teacher.  (I was the best man at his wedding, where he and his bride exited the church under an arch of raised clarinets that were held aloft by his pupils).  He then took up playing the saxophone, saying that he found the transition from one instrument to the other to be very easy.

You are probably best going for an alto sax JJ - it should not be too difficult to transition

JJ - I have an alto sax that I would be happy to give you. I will need to inspect the condition (I am sure the reeds will need replaced because it is so long since I used it). But if you are interested, please let me know and we can, through throw away emails arrange a way for me to get it to you.

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thanks Toorak - I couldn't do that - I do think the wee class have their own Saxophones in the hall.  Am hoping to find out tomorrow if the class is on.    But thanks for your kind offer.

they used to say you didn't know if you could play the saxophone until you played the saxophone. I hope you find someone who talks properly with their lips

I hope you enjoy it JJ - the 'mouthing' seems to be the key but I guess that also applies to the clarinet.

however, if you would like your own instrument, let me know and it is yours x


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yes the lad was pleased nearly at the first lesson as I myself had googled about the embouchre and tried to get a tune out of it.  I had rented the Clarinet and he was over the moon that I didn't squeal, whistle or no sound from the embouchre.  I was pleased myself LOL   

That's a terrific offer from Toorak. Although you're provided with an instrument for now. You may want to get your own eventually.

The Alto is often the first choice for learners (especially women) because it's lighter and easier to handle. Obviously different keys from a clarinet, but very much the same fingering. It's called the 'Boehm System'. Flutes are also 'Boehm'. I'm sure you're familiar with marching band whistles too  😏

Different embouchure of course, but that'll soon come.

Thanks builder

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found the wee class - young lads learning the drums but the wee teacher was wrapping up.  He sorta said the person who taught the saxophone has left but they may get one in September.  Anyway he let me try the drums LOL - he said play a tune.  He got them right first time.  "Twinkle Twinkle" and Happy Birthday.    LOL   - maybe I'll learn the drums 

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