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old dance song

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xbeccaxm18 | 15:53 Wed 08th Mar 2006 | Music
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It is a similar song to snap rythmn is a dancer. It was probably around at that time. But i can;t find it. I think the lyrics went like

Stand on my all the people crying yeah yeah stand on my...........

It is mainly music and not much lyrics. But it is quite a sad dance song. Probably around 1996-1999. Thankyou



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I think the name of the dance band began with 'M'. The beginning was like ddddd da dddd and it went on for a few minutes then it went on to

i think

stand on ma stand on ma

all the people cryin

you stop cryin

i could be totally wrong but i think it wnet like that x

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does anyone knoe?

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old dance song

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