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Beatles cover versions

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mkt | 20:04 Sun 09th Apr 2006 | Music
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Ok first of all i'm not trying to cause a riot by posting this question, i'm generally interested in what people think.

I've recently posted how much i dislike the Mary J Blige reworking of One and stated that i don't like any U2 covers so i'm sure people will feel pretty strongly about this Beatles cover thing goes...

Whilst i acknowledge The Beatles were a very good band and influenced just about everyone does anyone else prefer to hear their songs sung by other artists?

I think as songwriters they were great and i do own most of their albums but if i were to be completely honest i would prefer to listen to the 'I am Sam' soundtrack (which is a covers album) to any of their original albums.

I realise i will now probably get shot down on flames so i have clothed myself in a very thick skin!



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I suppose your view on covers it will depend on how much you were into the original band. Personally, I think there were quite a few good covers of Beatles songs, but this might have been due to the strength of the material.Some examples of the good ones:

With A Little help From My Friends - the Joe Cocker version, not Wet Wet Wet.

Michele - The Overlanders

World Without Love - Peter and Gordon

Got to GetYou Into my life Cliff Bennet.

Ob La Di - Marmalade.

But then again, there was A Hard Day's night by Peter Sellers.

you're entitled to your opinion mate,

It all comes down to individual taste..

But personally the cocker version aside you can't beat the originals.

Both lennon and mccartney were terrific singers

I tell you what got my back up - Barbara Dickson has made an album of beatles covers ant although I havent heard it all I can tell you I am not happy lol

You want bad cover listen to Journey South's version of: let it be - Truly criminal

How can you improve on perfection?
Question Author
thanks for your opinions....robbo your perfection question is one i always ask about U2 so i suppose johnmof is right in that it depends how much you were into the original band. As i said though i do like The Beatles and its testament to the quality of the songs that they sound so fresh today. All the covers on I Am Sam are quality. But i agree Barbara Dickson probably wont get my vote if i ever happen to hear that cd!

whats wrong with barbara dickson? she has covered beatles songs in the past and done a great job
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Beatles cover versions

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