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Green Day - free guitar

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kahunabean | 11:51 Wed 15th Jan 2003 | Music
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In all the Green Day concerts I've seen (er... two !) Billy Joe asks for kids who can play guitar to join him on stage for a song. The guy (or girl in the Astoria gig) gets to keep the guitar. It lloked like a Fender Strat - are Green Day so generous that they give away top of the range American Strats or are they dodgy copies ?


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The Fender Strat is a classic, and thus very popular, guitar shape which has been copied extensively. Only Pete Townsend was stupid enough to wreck expensive guitars as part of a stage act, so I expect they give away a cheap copy.

Dodgy copies mate, but how cool to get a dogy copy off BJ ? They have always done it on all of then last shows i have seen (10 since early 2004)


No, No, No, they always give away a crappy old guitar, but who gives a sit! how cool to get a BJ guitar! (how many times you seen em, me 10)

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Green Day - free guitar

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