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Wrestling song

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brooklyn77 | 01:06 Thu 03rd Aug 2006 | Music
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In the UK charts in the..oohhh..lets see now....early to late nineties there was a song to do with wresling, it was a very poppy sound not like todays thrash metal used as entrance songs in the states..It contained some of the following lines...

"whhooooooo whhooooo....Wrestlemania...(blah bah blah) pump it up pump it up"

and there was a spoken rap bitin there somewhere too.

Has anyone got any ideas as to whom the artist was, the name of the song and maybe even from what year?



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the song was wrestlemania by the wf superstars,i think it was of the album called wrestlemania?not sure but the song was wrestlemania!
Question Author
that rings bells so its probably right...thanks for that, much appreciated, now I just need to find someone who has a copy, thanks again.
ive got a copy if u like
Question Author
oh wow, really !!, would I be able to download it from you or is it on tape? If its on tape how would you like me to sort it out, send you a blank tape? Maybe this would be better discussed on yahoo messenger or MSN , or in here if you prefer, let me know, thanks that really nice of you
I've got a copy of the album on tape somewhere

or 2-0671373-3014542?v=glance&n=5174

41 new and used from $0.79
Ugly bob, we meet again.....

I remember this song, the next line went something
"Fighting to survive (Just like that, just like that)"

Why would you want this song though? I'm going to try to find out who did the rap, The Rock did a song with Wyclef Jean a few years ago I think and he may have rapped on that. Don't think The Rock was around in the 80's though. And I am going to find the lyrics.
Question Author
I just want it because I remember it from my youth, and ugly bob, thanks for the link, I may have to buy the mean time...will2k if you have means of me downloading it from you still..that would be great as I am only after that one song...although getting the album from Amazon will be my second option..

Thanks all for your help

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Wrestling song

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