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Help me to identify two (probably) British songs from the sixties

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vinylgeorge | 19:30 Sat 02nd Sep 2006 | Music
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I`m trying to identify two (probably) British songs from the
sixties. I would like to know the original English titles and who sang them. However,all I have to go on are only Czech cover versions - (in the Czech language) which you can hear on:
(ONLY SONGS No.1 and No.3)

I think only the melody (tune) is a clue (guidepost) because the Czech lyrics may have nothing to do with the original English lyrics mostly.
They mostly "stole" the melody (they recorded it from an outland radio station) and added Czech words....

TRACK No. 1: The Czech title is ,,Zajtra cakam" -
"I Will Wait Tomorrow"
originally "Till Tomorrow" ???
m+w: (Henry) Mayer / Duscho / (Barry) Mason ???
(data on the Czech old vinyl SP)

Maybe it is a German song with English lyrics...

I have received information that the French version of the track No.1 (,,Jusqu'� demain") is on this CD:
Christine Chartrand - Volume 3, Merite 22-2489, 2000 (Canada)
Please, are you in a position to listen to this CD, to read the booklet of this CD and make out information on this song from it ? (songwriters, the original name of this song)

TRACK No.3: The Czech title is "Polnice" - "The Bugle" (anti-war lyrics)
On the old Czech vinyl SP is m+w: GIBB
I think it is incorrect but yes, it sounds like "Bee Gees style"...

Could you help me please? Or can you advise me where to turn with my problem? I am unsuccessful to this time.

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Track 3 sounds familiar, leave it with me and i'll try and rack my brains.
Barry Mason is from Wigan, well his family is from the next street to me actually, and he wrote some huge hits in the late sixties / early 70's, he wrote for some big names and he did alot of TV themes, Alexander Your The Greatest is one that comes to mind. He worked with Kiki Dee I think and the ist song you have there sounds like a melody she would have been doing at that time. I think he wrote for Vikki Carr too. not sure if any of that will help.
Is it New York Mining Disaster 1941?
Track 3 is a 1962 soul song by Dionne Warwick called "Don't Make Me Over"..........I think, sounds like it after playing it five times.
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I am sorry - my mystery songs are not "N.Y.Mining Disaster 1941" and "Don`t Make Me Over". I have these originals in my collection and I hope I have my ear for music... another idea ?
I think it is a less-known British pop or something from
the European Song Contest and the like.
Number 3 Has similar sounds to Bringing On Back The Good Times by Love Affair
Also number 1, don't know the title, but it seems like something Petula Clark would have done. She has sung lyrics written by Barry Mason before.

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Help me to identify two (probably) British songs from the sixties

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