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Top 20 countdown, pick of the pops

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ainitatyb | 22:25 Wed 13th Dec 2006 | Music
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In the 1970's / 80's Alan Freeman used to countdown the top 20 at the end of his Sunday show to a tune which was from the album 'The story of I'. Does anyone know the name of the tune or the artist?


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I think it was called 'At the sign of the swinging cymbal'

If it is the right one hear it on this link: _a/sounds/clip3.mp3

Question Author
That brings back many memories, and thanks for the quick response, but it is not the one I am looking for. The album cover was green and the track was more electronic, If you have any further suggestions I would appreciate them. Thanks
Hi ainitatyb,

The link from boot458 was indeed the theme tune used by Alan "Fluff" Freeman for his "Pick Of the Pops" show.

Fluff also used to host a Rock show on Saturday afternoons, and Tom Brown used to host the Top 20 show on Sunday Night.
Are you sure it was "Pick Of The Pops" the track was used on?

Looks like the the album you are referring to is by Patrick Moraz (link below) dp/B000*****8

Do let us know which track you remember being used, will be interesting to listen to it and see if it brings the memories flooding back.... Fingers crossed!
Hmmm, answerbank seemed to change the link so it don't work - trying again dp/B000*****8
nope, it keeps changing when I submit it

The last part of the URL is B000*****8

Cut and paste that over the bit with all the *s

Substitute the letters F, H, Y, I, D where those pesky stars are (They must think its a rude word!!!!)

Will it work this time?
Question Author
Hi There, Thanks for your help. The track concerned was indeed Patrick Moraz, The Story of I, Track 4, Cachaca. Thanks again one and all.

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Top 20 countdown, pick of the pops

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