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HELP! - Who sung these songs...

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bodebobo | 01:25 Sun 08th Apr 2007 | Music
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There are two songs that l keep hearing on tv but l cant find out who sung them. I cant even tell you any of the lyrics because they are mainly used as background music on tv programmes.
Both of them are slow, emotional songs that have been used as emotianal background music.

One of them is often used on thigs like the comic relief clips in africa where they are trying to get you to donate money (and it works!). The singer sounds like heather small from m-people.

The other one is l think an 80's tune from someone like cindy lauper/kate bush. The bit that is always on clips on tv may just be the end to a more popular song that l havent realised. Think the lyrics l remember are 'Only You...'

I know its not much to go on but there are tunes that you will have all heard and am hoping someone might know.


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Only You by Yazoo for the second one maybe

First one could be Why by Annie Lennox or Make it go away by Kate Bush not sure if that is the title but also used on NSPCC adverts or What have you done today by Heather Small I am not sure just going by your lyrics and singers
Don't Give up by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel also fits your description
The Heather Small song is called "Proud" not "What Have You Done Today" [Sorry to nitpick Memore; just trying to be helpful :o) ]

However, I'm in no way certain this is the song you're alluding to Bodebobo.

If any of the lyrics suddenly drop into your mind, post them in this thread...
is what your looking for 'fields of barley'? it goes ' you'll remember me der der der der der among the fields of brley? sorry abot the der der der i dont no all the words but it come on that cancer reasearch advert! hope this helps x
sorry barley not brly
Cindy Lauper- True Colours?
I dont mind Dusty I thought it was wrong when I typed it in but couldnt be bothered to look up the title I knew someone would know what I meant! thanks
isn't the 'Fields of Barley ' song 'Fields of Gold' by Sting?
i meant the one sang by a lady xxx don't no who sorry xxxx
the lady in question is Eva Cassidy. Tragically no longer with us. She surely had one of the most haunting voices ever.

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HELP! - Who sung these songs...

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